Welding gloves, completely made of leather. - split cowhide combined with high quality grain cowhide. - glove length 35 cm - full-palm - grip of the glove made of one piece of leather, they are more durable and resistant to tearing - fully made of leather, together with a cuff made of split cow hide reaching the middle of forearm, thus protecting against softening and protecting wrist against trauma - ideal for places where the hazard of sparking occurs - commonly used for general mechanical work - used in construction works, heavy industry - resistant to contact heat of up to 100°C - meet requirements of the EN388 (resistances levels: 3 1 3 2 X), EN407 (resistance levels: 4 1 3 X 4 X), EN12477 TYP A and EN420 standards


  • Виробник: REIS
  • Код товару: 90726-04
  • Артикул: RSPLLUX WJS
    ID: 90726
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  • Астер, Харьков Немає в наявності

  • Поставщики Украина. Доставки 5-15 дней Немає в наявності

  • 18 тугриков

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