Safety gloves made of high-quality kidskin and material. - grain kidskin in yellow color - full hand pad - handling part of the glove is made of one piece of leather and that is why it has better endurance and resistance to frays - on the handling part inside there are additional sews made of soft material to protect against corns and abrasions - top surface made of spandex material and mesh to ensure ventilation for better usage comfort - at wrist there is a strip made of soft neoprene with Velcro fastening for convenient adjustment - normally used for the general mechanical works - each pair has a loop, so they look great and are ideal for all kinds of presentations


  • Виробник: REIS
  • Код товару: 90676-04
  • Артикул: RMC-FORCE BY
    ID: 90676
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  • Астер, Харьков Немає в наявності

  • Поставщики Украина. Доставки 5-15 дней Немає в наявності

  • 36 тугриков

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